Where heroism is a pleasure: Publix worker ran to explosion scene and treated severely wounded man

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

Christian Garcia, a Publix customer service clerk, was sitting in the Plantation store’s cafe this summer when he heard what he thought was a lightning strike.

Ceiling tiles began to fall and he ran outside towards the sound.

A paramedic in training, Garcia, 23, saw Matthew Seese bleeding profusely from his right arm and leg. Debris from the explosion rained around them. Garcia, who had recently passed his emergency medical technician exam, took off his belt and created a tourniquet for Seese’s leg as they awaited help from fire-rescue crews.

For running towards the injured and his quick-thinking heroism, Publix honored the soft-spoken graduate of South Plantation High on Wednesday with a gold medal, a gift card and a ceremony in the front of the store at 1181 S. University Drive.