The robots have arrived — to help your golf swing

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SOURCE: Osceola News-Gazette

If improving your golf swing and its consistency was part of a New Year’s resolution, a new teaching aid featured at Drive Shack in Lake Nona can help.

RoboGolfPro is exactly what it sounds like — a robot that assists in showing golfers a proper golf swing by automating it.

Drive Shack became the 15th North American location to feature the swing training robot, and is available for lessons by appointment.

As a swing trainer, RoboGolfPro allows a player to “feel” what an ideal swing should be, as opposed to a human teaching pro trying to explain it and watching them try to get into the proper swing positions on his or her own.

Steve Miller, Drive Shack’s PGA of America professional, said the best golf shots happen when a player swings with speed on the correct plane — something amateur players and “weekend warriors” don’t do enough, which separates them from professionals whose incomes depend on swinging the golf club on the proper plane to get the ball on target.

It’s one thing to do it, and it’s another thing to repeat it.

“Here’s an example: sign your name, like you do every day, and then go back and trace it,” Miller said. “It’s just like anything you do in repetition in life that you had to learn.”

RoboGolfPro lessons are in two-part blocks, the first is a 75-minute session on the machine, and the next is about an hour follow-up at a later time.