Teamsters’ top boss tries to quell Disney rebellion

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The Teamsters’ top boss is trying to quell a rebellion by Mickey, Minnie and their costumed friends.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters general president James Hoffa ordered a hearing in Florida last weekend to determine whether leaders should be removed from the local Teamsters union that represents Walt Disney World’s costumed character-performers, among others.

Accusing the local leadership of “horrible misrepresentation,” hundreds of costumed character-performers have threatened to leave the union, prompting Hoffa to call Saturday’s daylong hearing which drew scores of local members. A panel of Teamsters officials who heard testimony at the hearing have up to two months to decide whether to recommend removing Local 385’s leadership. Hoffa makes the final decision.

Separately, investigators with another, independent Teamsters office already had been investigating allegations that Local 385’s leaders had created false records and committed embezzlement and obstruction.