Taking it to the streets: Residents take to Facebook to discuss ‘Osceola Traffic’

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SOURCE: Osceola News-Gazette

Osceola County traffic is bad.

Just ask the 650 people who recently joined a new Facebook group dedicated to the issue.

One new member on Wednesday posted that it takes her 90 minutes to go 14 miles from her home in Poinciana to her job in downtown Kissimmee, and another 90 minutes to get back after work.

“This is every morning and afternoon. This is about three hours of my day each day sitting in a vehicle because of traffic,” Duannieh Cruz wrote on the Osceola Traffic page.

Cruz’s story is common, and the problem is widespread and is only getting worse as development continues bringing more people and more cars to the area.  

From 2010 to 2018, Osceola County grew by 37 percent and gained about 99,000 new residents. And with thousands of more homes under construction, traffic isn’t expected to ease up anytime soon.