Scott Nelson says probation officer ‘left him no choice’ but to kill victim

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The defense rested Thursday morning shortly after accused killer Scott Nelson admitted he killed Jennifer Fulford because of convenience but blamed his parole officer.

Nelson is accused of kidnapping Fulford from the Winter Park home where she worked as a caregiver in September 2017, putting her in the trunk of her car and then killing her and dumping her body.

“Jennifer Lynn Fulford would be alive today if it was not for (the probation officer). I think the world should know that,” Nelson said on the stand.

At the time of the murder, Nelson was on probation for a robbery conviction. He testified Thursday that his probation officer caused him to lose his job and become homeless.

Asked by prosecutors if his probation officer killed the 56-year-old grandmother, Nelson responded, “No, I did.”