Special Report: Universal’s Harry Potter ride and Disney’s Star Wars will open in 2019. Price hikes may come, too.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel As the arms race between the theme parks intensifies in 2019, tourism experts say they expect huge crowds — and rising ticket prices — to continue in Orlando. “All the major theme park operators have put a lot of money in 2019, Disney in particular,” said Rick Munarriz, a senior analyst for… Keep Reading

‘Raw and primal’ entertainment: Smashing stuff, ax throwing make adrenaline-filled entry into Central Florida

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel After long days processing mortgages, Paul Massey thought his co-workers should blow off some steam by chucking axes at a wall. So the crew of 20- and 30-something professionals walked after work from their downtown offices to Epic Axe Throwing, the newest in a wave of new attractions selling entertainment with a… Keep Reading

Man carjacked in Orlando speaks about his ordeal

SOURCE: WPTV.com ORLANDO, Fla.– Lawrence Beck’s hands and elbows are bandaged and there are stitches on his face. But, on the plus side his Infinity is back in his driveway a day after he was carjacked, allegedly by 26-year-old Thomas Eichelberger. Beck says he left the car running for just a couple minutes on Hazel… Keep Reading

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