No kidding: School district hires goats to solve maintenance woes at Titusville school

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BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – For more than 20 years, the only ones to really step foot in the overgrown reservoir on the east side of Imperial Estates Elementary in Titusville have been a family of gopher tortoises.

Rough terrain has made clearing and maintaining the dry pond bed dangerous for human service crews, and the tortoises, a protected species under Florida law, only complicate the issue.

To tame the wild acre, the Brevard School District has hit on a creative solution: a crack squad of bramble-munching goats, according to our news partner Florida Today.

They aren’t kidding.

“This is a perfect fit, because we really couldn’t get in there with other types of equipment,” said the district’s facilities chief, Assistant Superintendent Sue Hann.