Miracle match: Orlando girl receives life-saving transplant

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SOURCE: ClickOrlando.com

An Orlando girl with a rare form of cancer who recently found a miracle match underwent a life-saving blood transfusion Friday.

Chloe Bella Carvalho received a blood stem cell transplant that will help her body recover from the high-dose chemotherapy needed to treat her juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, also known as JMML.

Prior to the transplant, Chloe’s mom, Nayara Hermes, posted on social media that the process has been a long journey.

In a post translated from Portuguese to English, Hermes represented her daughter, writing, “Today I receive my new marrow, new cells, new life (and) hope! Words are very little to thank the person who does not know me and is donating a part of (themselves) so I can be saved, live and grow.”