Man accused of killing family in Celebration appears in court

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OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – The man accused of killing his wife, three children and dog at their Celebration home was caged during a court appearance Thursday afternoon in Osceola County.

Anthony Todt was the last inmate to arrive in court and was immediately escorted to a metal cage in the back of the room, separate from the other defendants. The corrections staff requested that Anthony Todt be the first one to see the judge.

Anthony Todt, flanked by corrections officers on either side, appeared before the judge for less than a minute. He stood silent as the judge ordered that he be held without bond on the four counts of first-degree murder and on $1,500 bond for the animal cruelty charge.

The defense attorney requested that Anthony Todt’s charges not be read in court. A public defender will represent him in the criminal case.