Local foundation helps students with dyslexia learn

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SOURCE: ClickOrlando.com

WINTER PARK, Fla. – According to the organization Dyslexia Help, dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities, affecting nearly 20% of the population, but one local mom discovered finding resources can be difficult.

That’s why she started The REED Charitable Foundation. The non-profit provides support and scholarships for private tutoring, teacher training and professional development.

Jennifer Knopf says her son, Reed, was diagnosed with dyslexia two years ago after struggling in school.

“He had a bad experience in school, to be honest with you, where a teacher was really…difficult with him. And his name is Reed, and students were making fun of him and saying, ‘Reed can’t read,’” she said.

Knopf opted for private educational testing, which she says can cost as much as $2,000 locally. On top of that, she says, students with dyslexia often need private tutoring.

“The vast majority of schools do not offer the type of instruction these kiddos need and that all kiddos benefit from. So after school, instead of having after-school activities, I’d have to take Reed to tutoring and he wasn’t getting to be a little boy anymore. And after tutoring he’d need to do homework and homework can be very laborious and take a lot of time. And I thought, ‘Gosh, how do families do this?’ because even with our family, with resources, it was a struggle and everyone in the family was feeling it,” she said.