Leaked documents show Universal’s new theme park is borrowing one of Disney’s best ideas

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SOURCE: Orlando Weekly

A few weeks ago, documents began leaking out from a Comcast meeting where Universal’s new Orlando theme park was discussed. The blurry photos showed the Fantastic Worlds name with the Super Mario World concept art behind it.
Since that initial leak, other details from the town hall meeting have begun to surface, giving us brand-new intel on the still-unannounced theme park that will be built along Kirkman and Universal Boulevard, just south and east of Lockheed Martin.

Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop stitched together the multiple leaked images along with ones that were shared exclusively with her to create a best guess at what the new theme park looked like. Comcast has yet to verify that the photos are in fact from an official meeting, but multiple insiders have independently confirmed the legitimacy of the documents. 

According to the documents, the new park will be one of the largest theme parks Universal has ever built. A hub-and-spoke design, similar to the Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, will be used. This is a departure from other Universal parks that have used the “race track” circular model, as seen at Islands of Adventure. Both Universal Studios Singapore, the most recent Universal park to open, and the upcoming Beijing park use the “race track” model. The proposed South KoreaDubai and indoor Moscow parks all used this layout as well. 

Like most hub-and-spoke designs, the new Universal park will have a central icon in the hub, but it is still unclear what this icon will be.