Kissimmee behavioral therapy center closes leaving parent of son with Autism in limbo for months

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KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Milagros Ortiz says she lost six months of valuable time, six months that could have helped her son King, who is diagnosed autistic, receive the therapy he needs to communicate with the world.

“That’s basically holding him back from progressing from his struggles with tantrums, to control his emotions,” Ortiz said. “He’s nonverbal. He can’t control how he feels. He gets upset.”

Ortiz says she turned to Wonder Minds ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy Center in Kissimmee because it was a brand new center opening just minutes away from her home.

“I called before I went there and said ‘Hey, are you taking any kids’,” Ortiz said. “Because I’ve been trying to find one and it’s like a year waiting list! And they said ‘Yes, you can come in. We’re taking the first 15 kids and your No. 13’.”