Kennedy Space Center trash recycling project launching on Blue Origin rocket

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Blue Origin will launch a Kennedy Space Center-based trash recycling project, known as OSCAR, on Tuesday to the edge of space from the company’s West Texas launch site.

The reusable New Shepard rocket and its capsule were slated for a Tuesday morning liftoff, however, Blue Origin officials said weather conditions delayed the launch to Wednesday. The company has not released a new launch time.

The launch will mark the 9th commercial mission for New Shepard and it will be flying the company’s 100th customer payload inside the space capsule.

One of those payloads will be the Orbital Syngas/Commodity Augmentation Reactor, or OSCAR, project developed by Dr. Annie Meier and others at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The technology behind OSCAR could help deep space exploration, by transforming trash into necessary supplies including methane, according to Meier.