‘Just like Woodstock’: Oviedo resident opens his home for classic sounds and good causes

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

By: Trevor Fraser
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It’s a long drive in the darkness before the GPS tells me to turn seemingly into the woods of Oviedo. I make the right turn of faith and find myself on a dirt drive, headed for what looks like a festival’s worth of lights. A man flags me down before I’m in too deep and asks if I’m here for the show.

“It’s $15 a head,” says the man, who I later learn is Tom Moch. “It’s for a great cause too. We’re helping a guy stay in his house.”

I didn’t have an official invite, so I didn’t know what kind of cover to expect. I count all my cash, and I’m about $3 shy. “That’s OK,” says Moch. He takes it and tells me to turn off my headlights and make a right at the bonfire.

I’m driving blind until 15 feet of glowing orange fire appears before me. People walk and laugh like dark shadows I must avoid hitting. Classic rock is coming from the stage to my left and the smell of grilling meat surrounds me.