Jury recommends death for convicted cop killer

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SOURCE: ClickOrlando.com

A jury on Wednesday recommended death for the man convicted of killing two Kissimmee police officers in 2017.

Members of the jury heard closing arguments Wednesday morning during the penalty phase of Everett Miller’s first-degree murder trial. Deliberations began shortly after 11 a.m. and a decision was reached by 4:30 p.m.

Members of the jury unanimously recommended death for the killings of Sgt. Sam Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter, both of the Kissimmee Police Department.

“I’m finally proud to say that I’m beginning close this chapter and me and my girls will be able to move forward,” said Sadia Baxter, the widow of Officer Matthew Baxter. “It’s not okay to kill, and it’s not okay for our law enforcement officers who protect and serve this community to feel like they are in danger themselves.”

After court today, Miller’s family didn’t have much to say, but a family member told News 6 they didn’t think the judicial process was fair. The defense said there are still many questions about the verdict form the jurors used.