Happier hour: Small Osceola eateries may soon get liquor licenses thanks to bills

in Osceola County News & Events

SOURCE: Osceola News-Gazette

Small restaurants in downtown Kissimmee and St. Cloud may soon offer liquor, thanks to bills awaiting the governor’s signature in Tallahassee.

The bills successfully passed both chambers during the most recent 2019 legislative session, which ended last week.

In January, mayors from the two Osceola County cities asked state lawmakers to back bills that would allow small downtown restaurants to obtain special liquor licenses if they meet certain requirements.  

In St. Cloud, an establishment would need to be at least 1,500-square feet with a minimum 65-seat capacity, while the Kissimmee bill requires restaurant to have at least 80 seats and 1,800 square feet. In both downtown districts, eateries need at least 51 percent of total sales to come from food and non-alcoholic beverages.