Fort King reenactments, bring history of Seminole wars alive

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Fort King in Marion County helps to tell the story of how soldiers and the Seminole tribe lived among each other and fought during the 1800s when Central Florida was the site of the Seminole wars.

Fort King, originally built in the area that would become Ocala, was the most interior fort in all of Florida at the time of the Seminole wars, according to Bill Rodríguez of Ocala’s Parks Division.

“This was the first time they came this far inland,” Rodríguez said.

Fort King was reconstructed 4 years ago and is a historic landmark that continues to educate the public.

“The fort construction itself is 162 feet by 152 feet long,” Rodríguez said. “The palisade walls are the original 16 foot tall of what the fort would’ve been when it existed here in 1837. The blockhouses which are at opposing corners here on the northwest and southeast corners are 15 foot by 15.”