Florida man rescues duckling and reunites it with siblings

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

One duckling was in good wings when a South Florida man rescued, rehabilitated and reunited the duck with its siblings as seen on a recent Reddit post.

The user known as u/chademr2468 saw a baby duck struggling to walk in his apartment complex parking lot, the user wrote in a r/aww Reddit post.

The user got involved after the duckling sat in the parking lot immobilized.

He brought the duckling to a wildlife rehabilitation expert, who determined that the young duck was suffering from botulism poisoning – a bacteria found in the bottom of ponds which can rise as high temperatures evaporate pond water – it attacks the body’s nervous system, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

After taking care of the duckling, the man brought it back to the area he suspect its family resided.

He was right.