‘Felt like someone was drilling into my bones:’ Venomous puss caterpillars back in Florida

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SOURCE: ClickOrlando.com

These fuzzy creatures might look cute and harmless, but in fact they pack a big punch.

The venomous puss caterpillar appears to be back in Florida for its seasonal return. 

A Florida woman documented her scary and painful encounter on Facebook. 

Bri Oteri was in Dade City, Florida, said in the post she leaned against a wooden fence and felt her wrist start to burn after coming in contact with the puss caterpillar. 

Oteri said, “It felt like fire ants in that moment. I looked down and saw this fuzzy thing moving across the wood.”

The woman was checked out by an EMT but symptoms increased later in the day and her husband took her to the ER.