Dozens of families are living without power in a Kissimmee motel. They might lose water, too.

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

Families living at an extended-stay Kissimmee motel have been without electricity to cook food or run air conditioners for more than a week and could soon lose water as well.

Power was turned off at Lake Cecile Inn & Suites off U.S. Highway 192 on Dec. 2, after the motel’s owner neglected to pay the electric bills for two months. On the doorknobs of the motel rooms, paper notices were hanging to let tenants know the water will also be disconnected Thursday.

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“We don’t really have anywhere else to go,” Barbara England said, standing outside her second-floor unit on Tuesday. “There’s nothing really we can do.”

During a visit to the motel, most of the deadbolts had been removed from the doors, leaving them open for anyone to walk in. The front office door was locked, the dumpster was spilling over with trash, and the swimming pool was drained with only Coke cans and a boogie board lying on the bottom.

Outside one unit was a makeshift stove made out of cinder blocks and aluminum foil. Inside an abandoned room, the sheets had been stripped off the beds and a hot dog rotisserie machine was sitting in the middle of the floor.

England and her husband, Victor Rosa, have lived at Lake Cecile with their two children, 11-year-old Christian and 10-year-old Haylee, since August where they pay $1,000 a month for one room. Since they lost power, they’ve been using a portable generator for a small grill and microwave to cook meals. At nights when it’s cold, England piles blankets on top of her children. During the day, they crack the room’s window to let the breeze in.