Downtown Kissimmee just got a little brighter with new mural initiative

in Kissimmee News & Events

SOURCE: Osceola News-Gazette

Let’s paint the town red…and blue and orange and green and purple.

Colorful murals now adorn four building facades in downtown Kissimmee. Part of the ARTisNOW initiative at Osceola Arts, the project has been in the making for a year.

“The idea was to bring mural art to the downtown to liven up and engage the community,” said Marylin Cortes-Lovato, Osceola Arts Director of Visual Arts. “Murals can create a sense of space and identity They’re also an important part of revitalization.”

Cortes-Lovato worked closely with Kissimmee Main Street to identify building owners who wanted to participate and to secure the necessary True Work of Art permits at the city.