Do blue light glasses really work? Eye experts weigh in

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ORLANDO, Fla. – You’ve probably noticed more and more people wearing glasses while staring at their computer screens, and it’s likely not because they are near-sighted or far-sighted.

Many people are turning to blue light glasses to help counter things like eye strain, headaches and insomnia.

But do the trendy frames really help alleviate those symptoms?

“We don’t know,” said Dr. John Lehr, an ophthalmologist and retinal specialist at the Magruder Eye Institute in Orlando.

Dr. Lehr said there have been a lot of studies to see how excessive exposure to blue light can affect certain parts of the eye, but he confirms there is no real proof that it does.

“Being a retina specialist, one of the big concerns was, does it advance or cause macular degeneration? We don’t know for sure,” Lehr said. “The jury is still out.”