Disney dining: What would it cost to buy one of everything at Epcot’s food & wine fest?

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SOURCE: ClickOrlando.com

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is designed for browsing and sampling. You’re not supposed to order one of everything on the marketplace menus. But, hey, big Disney World spender, what if you did? What would that cost?

It’s time for our annual tabulation of Food & Wine Festival prices. We added up the cost of each item for sale at the event, including each of the kiosks around World Showcase and into Future World, plus event-only items presented at year-round stations, such as Refreshment Port, Refreshment Outpost and Joffrey’s locations.

Among the totals was a surprise. If you buy one of each solid food (no drinks in this particular tally) in 2019, you pay less than you did in 2018. But the total price of drinks — alcoholic and non-alcoholic — increased enough to make up the difference, so that the grand total is higher this year.

Either way, the all-in approach probably isn’t great for the digestion.

Here’s how it breaks down. Order one of each fest’s food items today, and you’ll pay $542.35.

Order one of each of the liquids — including multi-item choices, such as beer flights — and pay $1,266.95.

Together, that’s a cool $1,809.29. You’d be poorer but fuller.