City Commission approves powering all city facilities with solar energy in partnership with KUA

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SOURCE: Osceola News-Gazette

In a landmark decision, the Kissimmee City Commission on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, approved a partnership with Kissimmee Utility Authority to power 100 percent of its facilities with solar energy, beginning in 2020.

“Kissimmee will be the first city in the State of Florida to have 100 percent of its facilities powered by solar. This is a positive step toward the future as we decide to use clean energy, and is a decision that will benefit the City and its residents for many years to come,” said Mayor José Álvarez.

The partnership between the City of Kissimmee and KUA allows the City the opportunity to secure a fixed energy rate for the next 20 years, independent of the fluctuating costs associated with typical power generation. This agreement does not require the City to make any capital investments or long-term commitments.

“We welcome the City as our first solar subscriber,” said KUA president and general manager Jim Welsh. “We anticipate tremendous interest by both residential and commercial customers as we roll out this new community solar option.”