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The king of meteor showers peaks this week

SOURCE: ORLANDO, Fla. – Arguably the best meteor shower of the year peaks at the end of this week. Unlike the “Unicorn” meteor shower in November which didn’t live up to the hype, the Geminids are one of the most reliable meteor showers. The Geminids, like this summer’s Perseids, produce a great deal of shooting stars, but… Keep Reading

Chipotle giving away free burritos this week

SOURCE: Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Chipotle. The fast-casual Mexican restaurant has launched a “Holiday Extravaganza” giveaway on Instagram account in honor of the giving season. Starting Wednesday and for the next five days, Chipotle will drop free burrito codes on its Instagram feed. Followers can text the code to 888-222 and the… Keep Reading

Sleighin’ it: Check out Krispy Kreme’s new holiday doughnuts

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel Fresh on the heels of its adorable pie-inspired Thanksgiving doughnuts, Krispy Kreme is wasting no time with the Christmas treats. Available now through Dec. 24, KK’s transporting its customers to Santa’s workshop with the Reindeer Doughnuts (an original glazed dipped in chocolate icing and adorned with Rudolph-red nose and pretzel antlers) the… Keep Reading

How Long Can You Still Eat Leftovers in the Fridge?

SOURCE: Don’t always have time to cook? That’s fine, there are always leftovers! Inside Edition wanted to find out just how long leftovers are safe to eat. So we asked Peter DeLucia, the Westchester County assistant health commissioner, for his best advice on fridge staples. DeLucia tested an egg salad from a local mother’s fridge, and the results were astounding.… Keep Reading

Do blue light glasses really work? Eye experts weigh in

SOURCE: ORLANDO, Fla. – You’ve probably noticed more and more people wearing glasses while staring at their computer screens, and it’s likely not because they are near-sighted or far-sighted. Many people are turning to blue light glasses to help counter things like eye strain, headaches and insomnia. But do the trendy frames really help alleviate… Keep Reading

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