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Toxic, dog-killing toads invading Florida yards

SOURCE: ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s that time of year again. Time for giant, ugly, toxic toads.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is warning Floridians to protect pets and children against cane toads, also known as marine, giant and bufo toads, which are starting to appear in Florida yards, according to News 6 partner Florida… Keep Reading

Catfish pose threat to manatees in Florida waters

SOURCE: ORLANDO, Fla. – Invasive fish are sucking on Florida’s manatees. Wildlife biologists are increasingly concerned about the presence of sailfin suckermouth catfish in Florida’s freshwaters. While the catfish only nibble on algae growing on the manatees, not their flesh or blood, they still present a threat. Biologists say manatees seek winter refuge in warmer… Keep Reading

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