Cat that was shot 13 times recovering at Brevard rescue

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BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – A cat that was shot 13 times and still has the pellets inside of her is now in recovery thanks to the efforts of a Brevard County rescue.

The 5-month-old kitten, now named BB, has a bullet in her head, several near her spine, one near her heart and lungs, and three in her front legs — one of which fractured a bone. 

She was found near the corner of Grant Street and East University Boulevard in Melbourne but now she has a temporary home with the volunteers at Hope for Brevard. She arrived there Thursday from a local shelter.

“We believe this was caused by being shot by a shotgun. We can only hope that the monster that did this to her finds their punishment that is probably long over due,” officials at HOPE for Brevard wrote in a Facebook post.