Cat lost in Michigan turns up in Tampa

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

Birds, bighorn sheep, certain fish and, of course, humans have all been known to migrate to warmer climates in winter. House cats? Not so much.

So even though it was 78 degrees and sunny in Tampa on Monday — and 48 and rainy in Dearborn, Mich. — it was a bit of a mystery how a cat named Daisy-duck Bandit had managed to make it from the Great Lakes state to the sunshine state without the help of his owner.

“I’m happy that he’s back,” Andrew Sanborn of Dearborn told WFLA-TV. “But I highly doubt he walked all the way down there.”

The cat went missing shortly before Halloween. His family checked the local shelters and posted notices, but after two months Sanborn, 31, had lost hope.