Amazon warehouse comes to Deltona and gets $2.5 million tax break to create 500 jobs

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On the day after Christmas, Deltona city leaders approved giving Amazon an estimated $2.5 million tax incentive to build a new warehouse in the city.

The online retailer was announced Thursday as the company behind the 1.4-million-square-foot distribution center planned for off of Interstate 4. Leaders of the Volusia County bedroom community of nearly 92,000 people then signed off on an estimated $2.5 million tax break for the company.

“It’s like our own little Christmas present to Deltona,” said City Commissioner Robert McFall.

“It’s a very welcome addition to Volusia County, not just to the city of Deltona,” City Commissioner Chris Nabicht said. “We’re very, very proud that they’re here. Happy Kwanzaa.”