21-year-old boyfriend who shot dead mother-of-two says he was only trying to ‘scare her’

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SOURCE: meaww.com

A Florida man has been charged with premeditated murder after he killed his on-again, off-again girlfriend and then claimed that he had just been trying to scare his partner when the gun accidentally went off and shot her.

According to People, 21-year-old Nicole Juliette Morales Arenas was found shot outside the Arbors of Sendera apartment complex on the morning of Sunday, January 4, by deputies from the Kissimmee Police Department, Florida. A registered chiropractic assistant by trade, she was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved.

21-year-old Michael Javier Mejias, Arenas’ boyfriend, was subsequently arrested and is currently being held in connection with the death of mother-of-two.

WKMG, who obtained the 911 call Mejias made following the shooting, reported that the 21-year-old told the dispatcher, “She’s not breathing! She’s not breathing!” They also stated that a neighbor also called 911 and described the mother’s injuries, saying, “She was shot in her left arm, but by the armpit, and it looks like it went through her arm, into her chest.”

After Mejias was taken in for questioning, he first told detectives somebody else had shot Arenas but later confessed to pulling the trigger himself. He revealed he got the gun from his fanny pack, which was in a vehicle, pressed it against the mother, and then pulled the trigger. He insisted he was only trying to “scare” Arenas, though he would not say why he was trying to do so in the first place.